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Garage, MOT, Tyres

Garage, MOT, Tyres

Larger Images & smaller messages make the most effective Signs

All images & content are copyright Citaglen Ltd © 2009

About the Images & backgrounds used in our design areas

These graphics are offered to help you create a wonderful design. They have been supplied to us for our use only so when you have completed your design we take  your ideas, check them to see if we can offer any design suggestions and then transfer them to the original template from which we will produce your signage.

As we don' t want these graphics used illegally we have adjusted the content, the scale & the resolution of these web images but when we produce your graphics we will use the perfect originals.

Want to use these images elsewhere?

We can use the same images on any of our range of signs, clothing or promotional products but if you want the image for other purposes then tell us which image you want. We will link you to the supplier of this image. The purchase cost is quite small you can then use the image anywhere you want.

Want a special image?

We have chosen images of special value to small businesses especially the building trades as well as sports & leisure but we have access to millions more so just ask.

Vehicle Images

A note to other sign companies. Don't attempt to use our web images as a way of avoiding purchasing your own images. This not only unfair to the originator of these images but you will not get a good result because scales of each part have been altered. To get a correct result the graphics need transferring to the original template.

Do not know where to get orignal van templates? Just ask. 

Fitting your own Signs is easy

All adhesive sign are supplied with FREE EasyFit spray. With our EasyFit spray you can place your graphics on a vehicle & move each piece around to you have the best location. When you are satisfied with the position squeegee out the liquid with the spatula we supply for a bubble free finish.

Check out our 1500+ reviews many of them talk about how easy they found the fitting to be.

Shadow lettering?

Old signwriters used to love adding a shadow behind each letter but with vinyl lettering this is a problem. The problem is that it is requires a level of fitting skill best left to the professional sign maker. Shadow also uses more material and takes more production time so, if you want to tackle this yourself, then we will quote you a special price.


Wrapping a whole panel or even a whole car can look amazing but this not a task to tackle yourself. It requires special vinyls and special laminates. It requires special tools and special skills to do a good job. If you wish to get this done dont choose any sign maker choose one that can prove by his past work that he has skills in this area. Do not choose the cheapest.

Why do it yourself?

Doing it yourself will save you money but the best reason for doing it yourself is the satisfaction you will get from seeing the end result with your ideas, your design &, if appropriate, your fitting. It will feel good. 

Some final Vehicle tips

Dont put your lettering on a dirty van. Dont put your lettering on when its blowing a gale. Dont start if its nearly freezing. On a really hot day relax in the sun, have a beer and do it in the evening.  Too many beers in the sun then applying the graphics may not be the best idea either. Good luck. Have fun and take the applause from family & friends with the modesty of a true professional.

Some final tips for non-adhesive signs

Check out our Accessories section for various fitting aids ie screw sets, bungees, suckers etc. The best tip we can give is - dont choose too small - choose the maximum size you can fit in the space available & design with larger images and smaller text.