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Starter Packs of 4 


The packs of 4 below are  good starter packs as they combine our most popular polo shirt with a selection of our best selling tops & jackets. All are Workwear quality but will be equally at home on a golf tour or for team wear. 


If these packs are not ideal for you then create your own by choosing any 4 or more garments from our clothing range. If you want wicking polos  & a fleece or shirts & aprons then that's what you can have as part of our 4+ embroidery range.

Emboidered s/s Shirt Pack (4)
Four HI-Vis Safety Vest Pack (4)
Embroidered T-shirt Pack (4)
Embroidered s/s Shirt Pack (4)
Embroidered Work Polo Pack (4)
Embroidered s/s Shirts & Fleece Pack (4)
Bomber Safety Jacket & Three Safety Vest Pack (4)
Embroidered T-shirt & Sweatshirt Pack (4)
Embroidered Polos & Sweatshirt Pack (4)
Embroidered Polos & Zipped Hoodie Pack (4)
Embroidered s/s Shirt & Hoodie Pack (4)
Road Safety Jacket & Three Safety Vest Pack (4)
Two Road Safety Jackets & Two Pairs HI-Vis Trousers (4)
Embroidered Polos & Fleece Pack (4)
Embroidered s/s Shirt & Fleece Pack (4)
Embroidered l/s Shirt Pack (4)
Embroidered T-shirts & Hoddie Pack (4)
Embroidered s/s Shirt & V Sweat Pack (4)
Embroidered Polos & Softshell Jacket Pack (4)
Embroidered l/s Shirt & Fleece Pack (4)
Embroidered Polo & Safety Jacket Pack (4)
Embroidered l/s Shirt & Hoodie Pack (4)
Embroidered T-shirt & Bodywarmer Pack (4)
Embroidered l/s Shirt Starter Pack (4)
Embroidered s/s Shirt & Bodywarmer Pack (4)
Embroidered T-shirt & Fleece Pack (4)
Embroidered l/s Shirt & V Sweat Pack (4)
Embroidered l/s Shirt & Fleece Pack (4)
Embroidered l/s Shirt & Bodywarmer Pack (4)

Logo embroidery - Save up to £50

To embroider a logo normally incurs a digitizing fee of anything from £10 to £50 depending on the complexity of the logo. We offer  you this free because we are such big fans of embroidered logos and we want to encourage all of out customers to use logos everywhere but especially on clothing.


No Logo? Choose one of ours - Free

We have over 4000 logos especially selected for embroidery covering all business types, all sports and all leisure activities. All are online ready to use. All are multi-use. Choose for your polos and also add to the side of your van 4ft high.


Other Decoration Options


 You can add other decoration options such as thermal printing on the rear shoulder area or centre front chest (eg Promotional Tees) at £5.50 per garment. We are pleased to quote for any special requirement. 


Want Less than 4 items? 


We will embroider as few as 1 item if that is what you want. Please ask for a quote. It will cost a little more per garment but will still be tremendous value. 



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