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"How to" Videos

If you are not sure how to do something we want to make sure that there is a video at hand to guide you through the steps that you need to take.

Ideally the video should take no more than a couple of minutes. We are not Video making experts (although we hope to be eventually) so we apologise if some of the videos are amateurish. We would rather have an unsophisticated answer to a problem rather than no answer at all.

"How to"  Design

We do have a wide range of products so the chances are that you will design online with us many times & each time you will discover new techniques. With this in mind we have " Beginner Videos" and "Advanced videos" eg A Beginner Video may show how to "Change Font size" in our design area. An Advanced Video may show "How to compare Font Styles".

"How to" Fit

These Videos are basic. We video our own staff doing each of the fitting processes. We have not attempted to make it too "slick" as that does not help you at all. We will have added some on-screen comments if we thing something needs clarifying. We have avoided at at all cost making things look easier than they are.

Videos will evolve

We maintain a Video "to do" list.  When a video did not answer your needs please lets us know. We may be able to offer advise over the phone. We may point you to another video but we will be noting your query and asking ourselves if a special video is needed to cover such queries in future.

Offline Help

Our Help team would all be redundant if nobody needed help. We are not like Amazon (we are a bit smaller for a start) we want you to involve us in getting you the best signs available. We are also not backward in contacting you. We check the design details of all orders. If we think your design deserves a tweak we will email you a suggestion. If you cant find a good image we will look for you.


We know that the more we do to make your current signage requirement a success the more likely we are to for you to visit us in the future and may be even recommend us the your friends.

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