Horizontal Banners (A)

from £14.00 ex. VAT

Step 1Choose your material
  • Standard Banners – low cost and used on 90% of our banners.
  • Heavy-Duty Banners – For tough locations & using again & again
  • Mesh Banners –  Use when fixing to temporary fencing –  Reduces wind effect up to 50%
  • Double-side banners special material to avoid rear print showing through
Step 2Choose a size
  • The larger the banner the greater the viewing distance – so bigger is normally better
  • If you want a non-standard size choose a size of a similar area and we will adjust to fit later.
  • If you want a portrait shape banner Click Here
  • If you want to use on a scaffold Click Here
Step 3Choose a Design Option
  • If you have your own print-ready artwork then click the “Upload Design” button
  • The other option is to click “Design Online” & use our easy & fun Banner design area.
Step 4 – If using our Banner  Design Area
  • Choose from 20+ Every-day Designs created for your chosen shape by our design team.
  • Option of selecting designs for Directional Banners, Recruitment Banners & Promotional Banners
  • Click & change your chosen design adding your details & Logo if you have one.
  • The Videos below show how easy & fun our Promotional eco-Sign Design area is to use  & how easy it is change your design until it is perfect.
Step 5 – When your Banner Design is perfect 
  •  Add to basket – but only when it is perfect
  • Can’t quite get it perfect? Ask us to tweek your design. We are pleased to help

See your Tweak

See your Tweak

Standard 440gsm Banners – These are suitable for indoor use and short term outdoor use and are ideal and economical for large runs or promotional banners. 90% of our banners use this material.

Heavy Duty 510gsm Rip-Stop Banners – An extremely strong non-tear banner media for banners being used in exposed positions and for banners you plan to roll up & use again & again

Mesh 300gsm Banners – Mesh is both lightweight and ideal for banners that will be used on exposed fences and temporary barriers.  Mesh reduces the wind pressure on the barrier

Double-Sided Banners – These are printed both sides on special block-out banner material. This avoids the opposite side  showing through when the sun in behind the banner

Our banners are: – Weather Proofs, Fade Resistant, Photo quality Printed and scratch resistance.

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