Entrance Stanchions

from £11.60 ex. VAT

Click on the 8 Click & Change Design Options below – Choose the option you like best then Tweek until Perfect – 

  • In the design area, you can  change the message
  • You can also change colours, styles & sizes
  • You can upload your name style & logo
  • You can ignore our style & upload your own artwork
Take the message to the traffic

  • Used originally to warn of roadworks ahead so they pack a punch
  • Message area 450 x 600 mm – Single-sided
  • The easy-change panels are  held in position with 4 aluminium clips
  • Our panels are Aluminium faced (Dibond or similar) – You can dent them but not break them
  • The Print is protected with an all-weather scratch resist clear face
  • Have panels for all occasions & easily change from one to the next.


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