Entrance Sign Stanchions

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Click on the 8 Click & Change Design Options below – Choose the option you like best then Tweek until Perfect – 

  • In the design area, you can  change the message
  • You can also change colours, styles & sizes
  • You can upload your name style & logo
  • You can ignore our style & upload your own artwork
Take the message to the traffic

  • Used originally to warn of roadworks ahead so they pack a punch
  • Message area 450 x 600 mm – Single-sided
  • The easy-change panels are  held in position with 4 aluminium clips
  • Our panels are Aluminium faced (Dibond or similar) – You can dent them but not break them
  • The Print is protected with an all-weather scratch resist clear face
  • Have panels for all occasions & easily change from one to the next.


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Property Signs

Our design area is created to make this easy & fun. Check out the explanation below.

Click & change is based on the saying “Imitation is the best form of Flattery”. It is easier to see a design you like & then change it than it is to start off with a blank page. Try it & we hope you will agree.

Property signs are subject to vandalism so metal faced signs are the ideal material. Direct printing onto onto metal faced signs is one of our specialities so we are able to to offer metal faced signs at non-metal faced prices

No problem – Choose the closest standard size to the size you need. Design online or upload your artwork and order. In the shopping cart tell us your special size in the special instruction box

Choose your design. Click & change as needed . We will see that you have not added a name & will adjust the graphics to fill the space.

Yes – In the shopping cart we have a special instructions box – Ask for rounded corners there.

Choose your size & quantity then click the the design button for “Adapt a previous job” and say “No changes”

No – just choose your size then click the middle design button “upload your own Artwork”

Please click live chat & ask us any question you like. We will answer your question on live chat & if the answer to your question is likely to be of interest to others then we will add it to our FAQ list & thank you.

Need a special size

Choose the closest standard size of a similar area & tell us your actual size in special instructions. We will adjust the design to fit. We will advise you should there be any variation in price.

Designs Saved in our New Design Area.

When you click the Red SAVE button in our new Design area you save just the design not the product.

Your Saved Design can now be added to any product, go to the design area & click the GREENMY DESIGNS‘ button.

If you are in the middle of Designing a product & Save it to work on it later, then you do need to rechoose your product & add your saved design.

We hope this extra work is a small price to pay for the advantage of using your design again & again over many products.

Looking for your saved Designs from the previous Design Studio?

All designs created in the old Site were created in ADOBE FLASH which has been discontinued and Flash files are no longer supported by Chrome, Firefox or any other browser.


Just choose option ‘ADAPT A PREVIOUS JOB’ from the design options