Magnetic Signs with SuperGrip …

From £14+ vat (£16.80 inc vat). 20% off for 2, 30% off for 5

40% more Grip

Our magnetic material now has 40% more grip than the material we have used in the past. It is also thinner so has less of a lip to catch the wind. This material is amazingly flexible  & as we print directly onto the material it clings to the contours of your van better than ever before

Circular Shapes

These are an eye-catching addition to our range. Ideal where a professional look is more important than size. Use also in conjunction with Vinyl sign writing to highlight job vacancies, upcoming events & special promotions, new lines & new servives

Special Instructions –

Need a special size? Choose the closest then tell us your actual size & we will adjust in production.  Any other request – Just ask & we will do our best to meet your needs.

Caring for your Magnetic Signs

The extra grip will reduce the need to clean behind the signs but we still think cleaning behind weekly is a good idea. Where it is convenient remove the signs & leave off for a while to give your paintwork a chance to breath.

Fast & Easy Design Option

We created a range of eye-catching design templates for every size.  Choose one & click & change. It’s fast & easy. If you are not into Design then let us design for you.

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