Rear Window Car Stickers

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  • More than an advert. It is a personal recommendation. Want a Plumber? I recommend this man. Want a new hobby then join my choir
  • The cost reduces considerably with quantity so choose enough not to need to reorder within a year or choose a few initially to test & buy bigger later.
  • We offer 1 standard size of sticker – 60 x 240mm. This size has proven to be big enough to see & small enough to not impair visibility.
  • The stickers are Front stick for applying to the inside of the cars rear window.
  • If you want another size or shape please ask.
  • Adhesive with Air escape channels  so no bubbles
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  • Max file size: 25 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf

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Sticker - Materials & Fitting Questions

When the vinyl is manufactured the adhesive is applied in a series of ridges & valleys. The visual below explains how this makes fitting your graphics so much easier.

No problem – Choose the closest standard size to the size you need. Design online or upload your artwork and order. In the shopping cart tell us your special size in the special instruction box

Yes – In the shopping cart we have a special instructions box – Ask for rounded corners there.

No = With our super-high-resolution UV printer we print the metallic or textured image directly onto the panel at no extra cost. We are adding new background options daily. In the design area just click the background button. All of our popular backgrounds are on show ready to be chosen including Metalic

The first task in the design area is to choose your background colour. Just click the colour you like and it will be added to your design. Any colour is possible. You can even give us a Pantone colour code

Please click live chat & ask us any question you like. We will answer your question on live chat & if the answer to your question is likely to be of interest to others then we will add it to our FAQ list & thank you.

Sticker - Design Questions

The graphic below explains why you design as one graphic & cut later

Yes – You can upload .jpg & .png files & use straight away. If you have your artwork in other formats then sent to us & we will upload it for you. The graphic below shows how your own artwork is so useful when designing online.

Choose your size & quantity then click the the design button for “Adapt a previous job” and say “No changes”

Please click live chat & ask us any question you like. We will answer your question on live chat & if the answer to your question is likely to be of interest to others then we will add it to our FAQ list & thank you.

With this Product you can CLICK & CHANGE?

Instead of starting with a blank design area you can get up to 8 design ideas that fit your shape.

  • Click on the first design. It jumps onto your Design Area.
  • Click on another & the first is replaced.
Choose the design that is closest to your needs then Customise with your information. Just click on each element of the design & use the online tools to change it to your details.

Save your Designs in
and use again & again...

Today your design is a Back window sticker.

Tomorrow, with a few tweaks it is a Site Board. It could also be on your Van, Work Polos and Plastic Business cards.

What is Special about our Dotty Adhesive Stickers?

The Dotty adhesive leaves gaps for air to escape & the adhesive remains tacky & never bonds permanently.

Easy to Position

The adhesive has a light tack that gets firmer when pressed down, so you can position & re-position until perfect.

Easy to Apply

When you firmly wipe over the sticker to get a good grip, the dotty adhesive allows air to escape so no bubbles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the adhesive strong enough to use on vehicles?

A: We have used it on vehicles for a month or more but just as the Dotty adhesive lets the air out, it can also let the air in so only use for short term and keep fingers crossed.

Q: Is it better on the inside of the window or out?

A: This is only for the outside of the window looking out. You can put a matching sticker on the inside of the window looking in and covering the back of the outside sticker.

Q: Does it help to wet the surface before applying?

A: No. Apply dry. Water would be trapped around the dots and would take a long time to dry. Water is no longer needed for any of our vinyls. They are all very easy to apply dry.

Q: Are there services to avoid or can I use anywhere?

A: It is soft, flexible & tacky so will stick to many more areas than normal stickers. So test it out. eg. We have used on wallpaper.

Q: Can they be removed, stored & re-used?

A: You may be lucky but you will need to keep the original backing paper to keep them on in between uses. If you might need to use again we suggest buying extras with your initial order & take advantage of out amazing quantity discounts.

Designs Saved in our New Design Area.

When you click the Red SAVE button in our new Design area you save just the design not the product.

Your Saved Design can now be added to any product, go to the design area & click the GREEN ‘MY DESIGNS‘ button.

If you are in the middle of Designing a product & Save it to work on it later, then you do need to rechoose your product & add your saved design.

We hope this extra work is a small price to pay for the advantage of using your design again & again over many products.

Looking for your saved Designs from the previous Design Studio?

All designs created in the old Site were created in ADOBE FLASH which has been discontinued and Flash files are no longer supported by Chrome, Firefox or any other browser.


Just choose option ‘ADAPT A PREVIOUS JOB’ from the design options