Vinyl Fitting Surface Cleaner and Glue Remover Sprays

from £8.60 ex. VAT

Surface Cleaner – 500ml Bottle of a good all round surface cleaner that contains isopropyl (IPA) for the removal of: Oil, silicone, glue and wax deposits, pencil marks, etc. It’s Anti-bacterial too!

Simply spray onto a soft lint free cloth and wipe down the area or spray directly onto the area then wipe off with a clean dry lint free cloth. Make sure surface is completely dry before applying the vinyl.

Adhesive Remover – 250ml Bottle got left over glue from previous graphics? Simply spray our adhesive remover over the top of the effected area and leave for 2 minutes. Wipe clean with our supplied lint free cloth.

Comes with a Free Microfibre cloth. It is scratch free, lint free and super-absorbent, to make your cleaning preparation much easier.

***Microfibre cloth colours may vary


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