Polytop Screw Fixing Sets

A simple one piece fixing with an innovative encapsulated polymer head. Pozi drive. Self-Tapping. Zinc plated.

This decorative fixing provides a neat and aesthetically pleasing finish in one quick and simple step and no maintenance is needed.

When used for fixing metal to metal – they require a pre-drilled hole. Can also be used for fixing into wood (no pre-drilled hole required) or brickwork (with wall plugs). Suitable for use in clean, dry and low humidity environments. 10 gauge (5mm) screws.

The matching plastic tops not only give an aesthetically pleasing fixing but also ensure no more unsightly corrosion stains.

Packs of 10, 20, 30 and 50

What do you get in a fixing pack?
Metal Set
– 10 Polytop Self Tapping Screws, 1 drill bit.
Masonry Set
– 10 Polytop Self Tapping Screws, 10 wall plugs & 1 masonry drill bit.
Wood Set – 10 Polytop Self Tapping Screws
(Examples based on pack of 10)

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