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Sign, Banner, Sticker,?  – Choose a big banner for the outside wall, a Sticker for the window or a sign on the entrance – or all 3. For all the features & options check out our Picture Gallery.

Screw, Hang, Stick or Clamp?  – With out combination of materials & fixings we will make sure your message is in the perfect spot for maximum impact  check out our Picture Gallery.

Different Size or Shape?

If you need a special size – choose the closest stock size & we will adjust to your size later. If you want wider or higher than 1.8m or If you need a different shape ie square or long & thin then please ask & we will organise.

Super Quality Printing

We print directly onto your chosen material with a super high-resolution print that is non-reflective, all-weather & scratch resist..

Design Options

Click ” Upload Artwork” below if you have a design ready to print. Not got a design yet then click “View Design Options” & try our NEW fast way to design your own signs. View Video below (2 min)

Stuck?, Don’t know how to do something? 

Not sure which product to choose? Not happy with your design? New to design & want some help getting started? Time to co-browse with us  – Click the chat button & type in “Help” we will  start co-browsing. View Video Below (2 min)



How to Change to a different shape?
  • We have chosen a 1 by 2 shape because we love that size for site boards. Having 1 size also helps when creating the 100+ templates needed to cover our 12 most popular trades
  •  Having 1 shape is no problem to our customers as it is so easy to transfer your design to any shape & size you need. Create your design on our standard shape & click the RED Save button then follow the steps below
  • Go to “Everyday Signs” or “Custom Banners” & choose a size that you need then go to the design area. Ignore the templates on the left & click the Green “My Designs” Button & download your saved Site Board design
  • Tweak your design so that it looks good on your new shape. If you have any trouble doing this then click the ‘Tweak for me” button & we will sort it for you.

Sign Materials – Which to use & when

Aluminium Faced Signs
  • if your sign is likely to get rough treatment then choose this 3mm material – you can dent it but not break it.
  • This material expands very little when it get hot  so is good for longer outdoor signs as it wont bow between fixing points – a problem with 3 %mm PVC
  • On smaller sign – like Parking signs – the extra cost is small so why chance it go for Ali-Faced every time,
3 & 5mm PVC
  • Often Called Foamex which is the original Brand name but we use a variety of makea depending on availability.
  • It looks good and has an ideal surface for printing. Ideal internal sign material.  For external signs Aluminium -faced or Super-Tough fluted should be considered.
  • On smaller exposed signs – like Parking signs – the extra cost is small so why chance it go for Ali-Faced every time,
Super-Tough 6mm Fluted
  • Fluted material is best known for its use as Estate Agent Signs. Our fluted is 50% thicker & super -tough
  • We have yet to hear of a sign make form this material breaking,  Fix it screws & washer, or cable tie to any wall, post or fence. It needs no extra bracing.
  • Its only problem is that the fluted edge does not look too professional so is favourite for short-term use like event signs and  promotional signs.

Maximum Sign Length
  • The biggest size of panel that will fit on ou printing table is 1200 x 2400mm (4ft x 8ft)
  • We can print so accurately that a second sheet can be printed  that will match perfectly the first panel if butted together.
  • This means we have no maximum length or height as your sign can be created by butting together as many pieces as necessary to create your sign
  • Want a one-piece sign? Choose a size no more than 1.2m x 2.4m

Useful Links

Permanent or Temporary Stickers -The difference

Temporary Stickers
  • Temporary Stickers have an adhesive that stays tacky. The grip is not strong but is enough to keep it in position in most circumstances.
  • Using it on a Vehicle outside in all weathers is taking a chance but worth it for short-term messages.
  • The adhesive is applied in a dot pattern. This helps the air to escape when fitting. It also makes it easy to reposition your sticker till perfect.
  • We estimate good for a year inside & 3 months outside (if you are lucky)
  • To use on a window –  apply on the outside
  • Ideal for adding as a temporary message to an existing sign- see below

Permanent Stickers
  • Adhesive gets a strong grip after 24 hours but can be removed from most surfaces without damage if heated up first.
  • The expected life is 7 years but we hope you will have changed well before then (to keep the message fresh & eye-catching).
  • The adhesive has air escape channels so can be applied without bubbles or creases.
  • Don’t apply with water – It blocks up the air escape channels.


  • Created from 1 piece of 6mm Super-Tough Fluted
  • Fluted is so strong that a vertical slit down a flute will make a full-length hinge
  • 2 slits 50mm from each edge create a small flap to screw through to fix to the wall
  • 1 centre slit allows the board to bend in a V shape.
  • We have yet to hear of a V Board being affected by even the strongest wind
  • It is claimed that a V-Board is 200% more readable compared  to a 50% larger flat panel

Projecting Sign Panel

  • The Budget Wall Sign is manufactured from 2mm galvanised steel with radiused corners. It has a 75mm return fixing plate with three fixing holes.
  • Ideal if you are restricted on floor space.
  • They are powder-coated to high quality (pre-treated), in white.
  • 1 Panel Size – 420 x 615mm


  • Standard Banners are ideal for 90% of all banners
  • Heavy-Duty banners have twice the tear strength so are better for really exposed positions eg on Scaffolding or exposed railings.
  • Heavy-Duty Banners have a thicker & smoother surface making it a dream surface to print on so are worth considering for Photo banners that will be seen close up.
  • The thicker material is also good if you are going to roll up and reuse year after year
  • We must repeat – Standard Banners are ideal for 90% of all banners

BANNERS – Finishing Options

  • Standard finish –  double-thick hemming and metal eyelets all round at roughly 500mm intervals.  Fix with ball Bungies, Cable ties or screw & washer.
  • Finish Option 1 – No hems & no eyelets – this is better when hanging in a window using drawing pin suckers.
  • Finish Option 2 – Folded top & bottom to make a pocket for a scaffold pole or similar. We also add an eyelet in the corners at the start of each pocket.
  • Finish Option 3 –  A  smaller fold than for a scaffold pole but big enough to slide a broom handle or dowle in top & bottom. This is for internal drapes. It ensures a banner only attached at the top will hang beautifully.
  • If you want any of these finish options – ask in special instructions.

Specialist Banners

  • Roller Banners – The banner is stored in a cassette. Just pull out – Insert the back pole & job done. For Full details click here
  • Double-Sided Banners – Ideal for internal ceiling signs or window banners that can be seen inside & out For full details click here
  • Mesh Banners – These are popular for windy building site fences – They are supposed to reduce the wind pressure by 50% so less force on the fence For Full Details click here
  • Scaffold Banners –  Our specialist section has lots of design & Product options of special interest to the building trades. For Full Details click here