Cable-tie Clip Set

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For fitting on reverse of signs for securing to railings, chain link fence or poles.
Adjust location to match to where you need fixing.

What SignClip do i need?
For small signs (smaller than 500x500mm) use our SignClip. These will not have the long term strength for signs bigger than 500x500mm.
For all signs bigger than 500x500mm use our Heavy Duty SignClip, These fixings have extra strength adhesive to bond directly to the back of your signs and can hold in excess of 4kg.

What Comes in a SignClip/Heavy Duty SignClip Pack?

Heavy Duty SignClip/SignClip 44 SignClips, 2 Cable Ties 300mm & 1 Degreasing Wipe

Heavy Duty SignClip/SignClip 8 – 8 SignClips, 4 Cable Ties 300mm & 2 Degreasing Wipes

Heavy Duty SignClip/SignClip 12 – 12 SignClips, 6 Cable Ties 300mm & 3 Degreasing Wipes

Heavy Duty SignClip/SignClip 20 – 20 SignClips, 10 Cable Ties 300mm & 5 Degreasing Wipes

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