Portrait Site Boards ….. with Easy-Photo

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About Easy-Photo?

  • The coloured shape is the Photo Mask. Slide it to make the photo area larger or smaller.
  • There are 10 styles of Photo Mask. Click on each picture & choose your favourite.
  • Choose the style you like – you can change to your own colours later.
  • The white border helps your photo catch the eye against any background
  • Try our photos, They are specially selected to catch the eye. or upload your own.

Which Material?

  • Site Boards are used again & again in all sorts of places
  • At the end of a job they are thrown in the van then stored till next time
  • They could be fixed to a fence, a wall, a post or railings
  • Both Materials are tough enough to take all of this treatment but ali-faced does it in a smarter way.

Other Easy-Photo Signage?

  • Easy-Photo Landscape Site Boards (short & wide) – click for Link
  • Easy-Photo Mobile Site Sign  – Comming shortly

EASY-PHOTO TRIAL OFFER – 20% OFF for 1 – 30% off for 2 – 40% off for 3+




Easy-Photo Questions

Many of our customers use Pixabay so they could be worth a try especially if you are not sure what you want and fancy a browse looking for inspiration.

PIXABAY – Pixabay is a vibrant community of creatives, sharing copyright-free images, videos and music. All contents are released under the Pixabay License, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist – even for commercial purposes – Click here to find online

This is what the experts claim – we hope it’s true but as it costs no more to include a photo it is worth a try. With Easy-photo it is a very fast way to create your signage so give it a go.

Easy-Photo gives you any easy way to get the biggest Photo possible without squashing up your message so you have every chance that your signage will catch the eye.

Start taking work related photos that show the different skills that you offer, that show the the quality of your work or the range of tasks that you offer.

While you are building up your work photo library use our online library to supply the picture you want. Search by trade or activity. Simple searches are best eg “build” will find lots but “Building Contractor” will find a lot less. “Loft” will find everything we have for Loft Conversions.

If your search finds nothing – click live chat & tell us – we will get the photos you need to you fast & we will update our library so that the next person does not go away empty handed

The background is covered by the photo and the false background that slides over the photo. So anything you choose with the “Background” button cannot be seen.

If you click on the the false background coloured dots will pop up ( just below the red SAVE button. Click each dot to change the colour. Please ask If you want a metallic or textured finish & we will organise off-line

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