We have created a range of short videos that, we hope, will answer all your queries

Click the Red “Click” button to open each video (Black Clicks are Videos comming shortly)

Video Tips - Lettering

Add a new line of text  –                            Click

Choosing a different font style –              Click

Changing colour of your lettering –         Click

Adjusting Lettering width & Height –       Click

Multi-line text tips.                                      Click

Tips for Mult-colour text-                            Click

Making text Bolder Tips                              Click

How to underline or italicise your text      Click

Use the same text on all signage               Click

Video Tips - Customising Template Lettering

Change to your message –                      Click

Changing the font style –                         Click

Changing to your Colours –                     Click

Adjusting Lettering width & Height –      Click

Customise Multi-line Text-                           Click

Change spacing between lines  –                Click

How to save your design –                            Click

Try another design – Choose the best –      Click

Video Tips - Uploading your own Graphics

How to upload your Graphics –                 Click

Add your Graphics to Design Area  –        Click

Saving your Graphics to use again –         Click

Adding Saved Graphics to a design –         Click

Save all versions of your artwork  –             Click

Using Saved artwork on future projects-    Click

Video Tips - Fast Van Design

Start Fast using a template –                      Click

How to choose your van colour –              Click

Changing the template to your info  –       Click

How to design on all sides of your van –  Click

How to move design from Side to back –         Click

Adding your logo to the design & Resizing –    Click

Adding a Free Logo from our Clipart –               Click

Saving design variations & choose the best –   Click

Video Tips - Fitting Easy Apply Vinyl

The importance of a grease-free surface  Click

How a second pair of hands can help –      Click

Mark position prior to applying graphics   Click

Apply, lift & apply to avoid creases                     Click

How to remove masking tape & letter check –  Click

Stand back, Admire, Be proud -You did that –    Click

Designs Saved in our New Design Area.

When you click the Red SAVE button in our new Design area you save just the design not the product.

Your Saved Design can now be added to any product, go to the design area & click the GREENMY DESIGNS‘ button.

If you are in the middle of Designing a product & Save it to work on it later, then you do need to rechoose your product & add your saved design.

We hope this extra work is a small price to pay for the advantage of using your design again & again over many products.

Looking for your saved Designs from the previous Design Studio?

All designs created in the old Site were created in ADOBE FLASH which has been discontinued and Flash files are no longer supported by Chrome, Firefox or any other browser.


To find your past order please send an email to confirming
The name of the Company
The name of the Person who placed the order
The Order Number
Design Details
We would then send you an email confirming we have the design saved and advise how to place the order.