We have created a range of short videos that, we hope, will answer all your queries

Click the Red “Click” button to open each video (Black Clicks are Videos comming shortly)

Video Tips - Lettering

Add a new line of text  –                            Click

Choosing a different font style –              Click

Changing colour of your lettering –         Click

Adjusting Lettering width & Height –       Click

Multi-line text tips.                                      Click

Tips for Mult-colour text-                            Click

Making text Bolder Tips                              Click

How to underline or italicise your text      Click

Use the same text on all signage               Click

Video Tips - Customising Template Lettering

Change to your message –                      Click

Changing the font style –                         Click

Changing to your Colours –                     Click

Adjusting Lettering width & Height –      Click

Customise Multi-line Text-                           Click

Change spacing between lines  –                Click

How to save your design –                            Click

Try another design – Choose the best –      Click

Video Tips - Uploading your own Graphics

How to upload your Graphics –                 Click

Add your Graphics to Design Area  –        Click

Saving your Graphics to use again –         Click

Adding Saved Graphics to a design –         Click

Save all versions of your artwork  –             Click

Using Saved artwork on future projects-    Click

Video Tips - Fast Van Design

Start Fast using a template –                      Click

How to choose your van colour –              Click

Changing the template to your info  –       Click

How to design on all sides of your van –  Click

How to move design from Side to back –         Click

Adding your logo to the design & Resizing –    Click

Adding a Free Logo from our Clipart –               Click

Saving design variations & choose the best –   Click

Video Tips - Fitting Easy Apply Vinyl

The importance of a grease-free surface  Click

How a second pair of hands can help –      Click

Mark position prior to applying graphics   Click

Apply, lift & apply to avoid creases                     Click

How to remove masking tape & letter check –  Click

Stand back, Admire, Be proud -You did that –    Click


For every 2 you order, we will automatically add an extra one to your shipment, ie Order 4 & we will add 2 extra, order 6 & get 9