Suspension Kit for Hanging Banners

£9.80 ex. VAT per kit

Flat ceiling suspension fixings for Hanging Banners

These commercial grade flat ceiling suspension fixings are suitable for displaying banners in retail, office, and exhibition environments. The flat ceiling suspension kit is engineered to safely hold a 15kg vertical load. As most hanging posters will only weight 1-2kgs including the aluminium poster bars, you can be confident that your hanging displays will be secure and robust!

Each kit contains:

  • 2 x commercial grade ceiling anchors with height adjustment mechanism
  • 2 x 1.5mm dia wire ropes 100cm long with end terminations
  • 2 x screws and wall plugs

Use this wire hanging kit to screw the top anchor fitting to a traditional flat ceiling and thread the wire through the hanger on the poster bar and up into the ceiling anchor. Please ensure that the ceiling fixing is securely screwed ideally through the plasterboard into one of the wooden roofing joists.

If in doubt please ask a qualified tradesman.

Suspended ceiling suspension system for Banner displays

This commercial-grade suspended ceiling suspension system for hanging banners is suitable for retail, office, and exhibition environments. Suspend hanging banners from your ceiling T Bars easily and securely!

Engineered to suspend a Banner rail system from a suspended ceiling, most hanging banners weigh between 1-3kg  this equipment has a safe working vertical load of 15kg

Each grid ceiling suspension kit contains:

  • 2 x Commercial quality grid ceiling twist on anchors
  • 2 x 1.5mm dia wire ropes 100cm long with end terminations

Use this banner suspension kit with our Hanging Banner Rails for fast easy displays from ceiling T Bars.


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