Chalkboard Cleaner

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This unique solution has been designed for convenient use in environments where large amounts of Liquid Chalk need to be removed from Blackboards, Whiteboards and Glass. It will also remove any residue Liquid Chalk from porous surfaces.  When used on glass it cleans without leaving any sign of smearing.



  • 250ml cleaner with pump spray nozzle.
  • Purchase individually or in packs of 3.
  • Cleans glass without smearing.
  • Designed to remove residue Liquid Chalk from porous chalk boards.
  • Ideal to remove Liquid Chalk from blackboards, whiteboards, metal, windows, and glass.
  • Non–toxic & non flammable.



Why not add our 40cm x 40cm 350gsm Heavy Duty Microfibre cloth***. It is scratch free, lint free and super-absorbent, to make your cleaning preparation much easier.

***Microfibre cloth colours may vary

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