Hanging Banner Rail Set

How to Use
  • Easy to use – just add Plastic grippers to the top & bottom of a single or double-sided banner with no hems or eyelets
  • Flip the end-cap of the top bar out of the way & slide the banner into the top bar.
  • Now slide the bottom bar onto the bottom grippers of the banner. The bottom bar ensures the banner is weighted & hangs vertically & perfectly flat.
Where to Use & Why
  • The Plastic grippers make it easy to change graphics regularly keeping your messages fresh & eye-catching.
  • The favourite positions for suspending banners is in windows as part of your window display & from ceilings. If the banner can be viewed from both sides then consider ordering double-sided banners.
How to fit in Position
  • Slide  Hanging clips along top rail  & connect the the ceiling with one of our sign to ceiling kits
  • Hanging clips can be screwed to any internal wall or door creating an easy-change banner position
  • Each set consists of: 2 x aluminium bars (slim 20mm wide) with end caps, banner grippers & 2 hanging clips
  • Silver anodised finish as standard. Not designed for external use
Some Easy0Change banner ideas
  • Take portrait pics of all new installations & add to your walls
  • Have your 5 star reviews  displayed for all staff to see
  • Create an eco-wall showing those changes you are making to help save the planet
  • Home – Display your best photos super-size & rotate them weekly

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