2” Pole Fixing Kits

2″ (50mm) wide Aluminium sign posts are an excellent option for mounting smaller signs in a position that is difficult to miss. 2″ wide poles are ideal for signing parking spaces separated by grass or hedges.

For signs wider than 500mm choose the 2 pole option or go to 3″ (76mm) wide poles.  Assume that you will need at least 500mm of the pole below ground

Our Aluminium sign post kits come with all the parts necessary to fix your sign (with back rails) in position.

Single Pole Kit Includes:
1 Qty – Post of your choice
1 Qty – Matching post cap
1 Qty – Base plate to prevent swiveling
2 Qty – Matching sign clips

Twin Pole Kit Includes:
2 Qty – Posts of your choice
2 Qty – Matching post caps
2 Qty – Base plates
4 Qty – Matching sign clips

For more details on erecting your signs on poles –see below

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