CCTV Cones

from £10.44 ex. VAT

Click on the 8 Click & Change Design Options below – Choose the option you like best then Tweek until Perfect – 

  • In the design area, you can  change the message
  • You can also change colours, styles & sizes
  • You can upload your name style & logo
  • You can ignore our style & upload your own artwork
Take the message to the traffic

  • At 4ft high the cone is difficult to  miss
  • Message area 382 x 320 mm – Close to A3
  • The message is single or double-sided
  • The message(s) is printed onto Vinyl which is stuck into the sign area recess
  • Add water to base for super stability
  • Can be broken down into 3 parts for storage
  • Fixing Points to chain 2 together as a barrier.
  • Message easily changed with a new sticker
Choose single or Double-sided –  If you already have a cone choose a replacement sticker(s)

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