Designer Support

Hours £33.00 ex. VAT

£33 +Vat (£39.60 inc VAT) for 1 hour of Designer Support

About Designer Support? –  90% of the time our standard package of Uploading your own Artwork, Design online or “We Create a Design for you” is ideal. Designer support is for when you need extra help for whatever reason.  You can hire one of our professional designers for 1 hour at a time for £33 +vat. You can add extra hours as & when needed. Below we have listed some of the tasks that our designers will be able to help you with.

Satisfaction Guaranteed? –  At the start of any task we hope we are going to complete it on time & to your satisfaction but if we fail then we will refund your Designer Support cost.

Complex Tasks? – If on viewing your task our designer thinks several hours may be needed then he will advise you of this so that you have the option of canceling your request for Designer Support & get a full refund.

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