Graphics for Mercedes Vito

Our Best Ever Vinyl Lettering & Images. Easy-fit, Bubble-free application & will look good for up to 7 years
  • Our Vinyl has been chosen for its long life & ease of application making fitting your own van lettering easy & fun. Need us to fit for you then choose our factory fitting service – See “Video – Fitting your van Graphics” below
  • Our Online design area is fun to use for experienced designers & those new to design with sample designs to choose from to get you going fast. You can create your design on a scaled drawing of your own van – see “Online Design” below
  • Upload your own logo or Image. We will enhance the quality if necessary for large vehicle graphics – see “New Skill” below
  • We think photos are the ideal way of catching the eye. Before deciding that this is not for you. See “Our Photo Options” below – we hope this will change your mind.
  • Not into design –  tell us what you want & we will design it for you –  See “Let us Design for You” below
  • Send us a picture of your finished van to inspire others & become a SignBuilder VIP – see “Photo Reviews” below
  • Click an oval to check out our other Vehicle & Plant Signage options
  • Choose your Model & Year then choose your design option

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  • Max file size: 25 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf

  • Max file size: 25 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf

Start designing

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In the past, we have used Trustpilot to collect customer reviews. We have over 5000 reviews. Our rating was 4.8 out of 5 but we are now asking our customers to include a photo with their review. We would also appreciate

Seeing your photos is a big help to future customers encouraging them to take the plung & start designing. As a thank you all Photo Reviewers become TheSignBuilder VIPs. See VIP section below

We would also appreciate reviews that show how well our products have worked over time. Send us your "Still going strong" Photo reviews & join our TheSignBuilder VIPs

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Air-Escape Vinyl

Air escape vinyl has a significant advantage in preventing air pockets from forming during installation. This is made possible by the microscopic air channels in the adhesive backing, which allow air to escape during installation. The vinyl film can be applied smoothly and evenly without any special tools or expertise.

The air channels also reduce the initial grab of the adhesive, making it easier to reposition your graphics until they are in the perfect position.

Check out our short video below.

The video demonstrates our recommended method for applying vinyl lettering or stickers. It emphasizes the importance of having an extra pair of hands.

The Factory Fitting Option

It's a shame to choose our Factory fitting service because you lose out on the thrill you will get when you will get every time you see your van knowing that it is totally your creation but there are circumstances where it may be the best option.

Reason 1 - You have no suitable location for doing your fitting so it is factory fit or nothing.

Reason 2 - You are too busy or not into trying something new - You would rather drop the van off & pick it up later.

Reason 3 - You would like us to fit while you watch so that next time you will be trained & ready to do it yourself

Reason 4 - You like our hospitality option - Arrive - We take you to the local Cafe (100 yds). We treat you to their All Day Breakfast. While you are enjoying your breakfast we fit your graphics. Then, after breakfast, you are ready to go.

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Our Online Design area is lots of fun to use & quite addictive. We hope the steps below will give you an idea of how things work. We are sure that when you see your first sign on display, you will be delighted that you tried online design.

We have a "How to" video section that will answer most queries (Click here to View). You can also click the chat button - we are pleased to help.

You have 5 templates to choose from - Click one to view on your van. Visualise how each template will look when you click & change to your information. Choose your favourite

The Videos in the section below show you how to select a design, change to your message, change colour, adjust the size, choose a different font & much more but, if you get stuck, click the chat button - we are pleased to help

Click & Change to your message

Change your Colours.            Change your font

Upload your own Logo or use one of ours

To upload your own logos (or Photos) click the "Your Images" tab in the design area on the left-hand side & upload your logo. Your images will pop up next to the "Your Images" button ready to use

To use one of our logos click the "Clipart" button & search for a logo or Picture.

If you cannot find what you want then click the chat button. Tell us what you are looking for & we will find something to match your needs.


Changing or adding your Logo to the Van Design

Click on the logo that you want to change. 4 handles pop up around the logo so you know it is selected then click on the replacement logo. It will automatically replace the original logo scaled to match the original size.

Save Your Design then experiment

First ideas are not always the best so now is the time to try different layouts, colours, fonts even different images but before you start save your current design so that you can come back to it if your experiments are not successful.  Save each interesting variation you create & choose the best later. Save by clicking the Red "SAVE" button. View your Saved designs by clicking the green " MY DESIGNS" button

We have also circled 2 other buttons that sometimes go unnoticed. The undo button & the add to basket button. The undo button is useful when you delete something unintentionally.

Save & use on the back of the van

Having created the side design to your satisfaction & saved it. You can now go to the back of the vanby clicking your type of back design (see A). Go to the Gree "My Designs" & click the design you want to download then click "Add" (see B). Your saved design will download onto the rear of the van. Adjust sizes t& positions to create your rear design (See C)

Our Magic Save Button

Our SAVE button has a unique feature - it saves only your design, not the product you designed it on. This means that you can choose a saved design and add it to any product. With just a few minutes of repositioning and resizing, you can create a new design for a different product.

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Just tell us what information you want on your sign & upload any logos or images you want us to use & leave the rest to us. We will email the design to you for approval before passing to production.This is a free service. We expect to take less than an hour to create your design, email it to you & make any adjustments you request.

Upload the highest quality files you have. If they are not ideal for enlarging to sign size then we have ways of solving that problem.

If we have created signage for you in the past, eg graphics for a site board or a previous van, then we can adapt those graphics for your new Project.

If you are starting a new venture & want graphics designed for your new business then why not use our "Hire a Designer Service". The cost is £32 for each hour of design time.

These designs can be presented on a picture of your building, reception or vehicle so that you can view the design in action. The design files are your property & can be passed to any supplier that you want to work with.

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We are developing a range of skills in using AI to enhance Logos & Lettering in previously unavailable ways. With these new skills, we will ensure your uploaded files are suitable for the task ahead. Our most important skill for Logos & lettering is VECTORISING. We show below different before & after images to give you an idea of what we can now do.

Vectorization converts a raster image, ie a .jpg or .png file into a vector line by having a computer program "trace" the image and automatically create vector lines. Vector images can be enlarged to any size without pixelation. In addition, vinyl-cutting machines, routers or laser cutters can follow the vector line to cut shapes.

We have decided to make this a free service as it is a cost to us today that will help us create better signage for you for many years to come. Online you will find Vectorising offered for a cost of £15 to £45 per logo depending on complexity. If another non-competing supplier asks that you supply files of this quality then please ask them to get in touch.

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We think photos are the best way to grab attention. We recommend using them on all signage, on vans, walls, banners & point-of-sale. Below we show how we are developing new skills using AI to make your photos work well for you in every area of your activity even when enlarged up to 40 times.

AI image upscaling uses deep learning to upscale images up to 40 times and restore image resolution. Regular upscaling methods only work on the pixel level, causing blockiness and pixelation, while using AI image upscaling can smartly enlarge the image and preserve real details and colours

Sometimes we want to get in close on part of a photo to promote a particular skill or product feature so how we enlarge will make a big difference to the result. AI image upscaling can be a big help in getting a crisp & clear image to add to your signage.

Out-of-focus photos are much less appealing. Not anymore once we apply our Lens Blur AI we instantly bring the focus back & add depth of field to make images acceptably sharp and crisp.

Motion blur can be easily fixed with our AI sharpening tools, no matter whether it's caused by a shaky camera or moving objects.

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