MATT Laminated Dibond Signs

Direct UV Printed panel with added Matt Laminate Finish
Maximum Sign Length. Our largest panel size is 1220 x 2440mm (4ft x 8ft). This is  biggest size of panel that will fit on our printing table. We can print so accurately that a second sheet can be printed  that will match perfectly to the first panel if butted together.

All signs are laminated with a MATT LAMINATE as standard – For Gloss Laminate CLICK HERE

1 – Super High-Quality Print

Our printer is equally at-home printing fine details (even photos) on our Plastic Business Cards as it is printing on an 8′ x 4′ panel. If you add photos to your signage then they will be printed perfectly. Order a sign today, a small sticker tomorrow & coaster next week & know that the same fine detail will be seen on all of your choices

2 – Satin – all-weather finish

We print directly onto your sign panel with scratch resistant, easy clean  UV ink. The Satin finish makes the sign non-reflective so no matter how bright the sun the sign remains easy to read.

3 – Future signage can be created in a couple of minutes

Create a design & save it in the design area. You can add this design to any future project. With a few tweaks, you can now design anything from Vehicle Signage to Banners, Stickers & even Coaster in a couple of minutes.

4 – Free Backgrounds & Logos from around the world

Backgrounds & Logos are the first things that grab attention to your sign. We have contracted to purchase 750 designs a  month from Adobe. We have 40 million to choose from. All are high quality & will print beautifully no matter what size they are printed. These are free for you to use on all your signs.

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