No Parking Signs – Aluminium-Faced for Toughness

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Sizes & options

All sizes can be screwed on the wall or post or bolted to a metal Spike that you can hammer into the soil at the rear of the parking space, The 70 x 420 size is also ideal for screwing onto a rear curbstone if you have one.

The Mounting on a Spike option

Signs using the metal stake option have back rails riveted in position. Just bang the 700mm high heavy-duty metal spike into the ground until stable then attach the sign. by sliding the bolts provided into the back rails then through the spike fixing plate then add supplied washers & nuts & tighten. See more details below.

The Backrail option

If you have a metal pole already in position or want to fit one then choose the backrail option. Pole clips will fit into the backrails & secure the sign to the pole. See below for details. You can add any pole clips & poles that you need by visiting the “Fixing Aids” section above.

Special Instructions

Need a special size? Choose the closest then tell us your actual size & we will adjust in production.  Any other request – Just ask & we will do our best to meet your needs.

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