Promotional Banners

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Step 1Choose your material
  • Standard Banners – low cost and used on 90% of our banners.
  • Heavy-Duty Banners – For tough locations & using again & again
  • Mesh Banners –  Use when fixing to temporary fencing –  Reduces wind effect up to 50%
  • Double-side banners special material to avoid rear print showing through
Step 2Choose a size
  • The larger the banner the greater the viewing distance – so bigger is normally better
  • If you want a non-standard size choose a size of a similar area and we will adjust to fit later.
  • If you want a portrait shape banner Click Here
  • If you want to use on a scaffold Click Here
Step 3Choose a Design Option
  • If you have your own print-ready artwork then click the “Upload Design” button
  • The other option is to click “Design Online” & use our easy & fun Promotional Banner design area.
Step 4 – If using our Promotional Banner  Design Area
  • Choose from 20+ Every-day Designs created for your chosen shape by our design team.
  • Option of selecting designs for Directional Banners, Recruitment Banners & General Banners
  • Click & change your chosen design adding your details & Logo if you have one.
  • The Videos below show how easy & fun our Promotional eco-Sign Design area is to use  & how easy it is change your design until it is perfect.
Step 5 – When your Promotional Banner Design is perfect 
  •  Add to basket – but only when it is perfect
  • Can’t quite get it perfect? Ask us to tweek your design. We are pleased to help
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See your Tweak

See your Tweak

Standard 440gsm Banners – These are suitable for indoor use and short term outdoor use and are ideal and economical for large runs or promotional banners. 90% of our banners use this material.

Heavy Duty 510gsm Rip-Stop Banners – An extremely strong non-tear banner media for banners being used in exposed positions and for banners you plan to roll up & use again & again

Mesh 300gsm Banners – Mesh is both lightweight and ideal for banners that will be used on exposed fences and temporary barriers.  Mesh reduces the wind pressure on the barrier

Double-Sided Banners – These are printed both sides on special block-out banner material. This avoids the opposite side  showing through when the sun in behind the banner

Our banners are: – Weather Proofs, Fade Resistant, Photo quality Printed and scratch resistance.

Save Button Tip 1

Designs Saved in our New Design Area.

When you click the Red SAVE button in our new Design area you save just the design not the product.

Your Saved Design can now be added to any product, go to the design area & click the GREENMY DESIGNS‘ button.

If you are in the middle of Designing a product & Save it to work on it later, then you do need to rechoose your product & add your saved design.

We hope this extra work is a small price to pay for the advantage of using your design again & again over many products.

Looking for your saved Designs from the previous Design Studio?

All designs created in the old Site were created in ADOBE FLASH which has been discontinued and Flash files are no longer supported by Chrome, Firefox or any other browser.


To find your past order please send an email to confirming
The name of the Company
The name of the Person who placed the order
The Order Number
Design Details
We would then send you an email confirming we have the design saved and advise how to place the order.