Promotional Lettering for Vehicles & Equipment

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Promotional Vehicle Lettering – Why choose?
  • Our Vehicle & Equipment  lettering is Easy-Apply with air-escape grooves so no bubbles
  • All your original vehicle graphics is Promotional information but this section is about any extra temporary (or permanent) lettering you want to add to your vehicle.
  • If you offer a new service, new product or a new feature then find room on your vehicles to promote it.
Step 1Choose a size
  • Choose a standard size that you think will look good on your Vehicle or plant. We will create your lettering as close to your chosen size as possible.
  • Sometimes your actual message won’t fit into the space you chose too well so be prepared to Save your design, return to this product page & choose a new size. Add your design to the new shape & continue. (See  Tips Video Below)
  • If you want a specific size then choose a size of a similar area and we will adjust to fit later.
Step 3Choose a Design Option
  • If you have your own print-ready artwork then click the “Upload Design” button
  • The other option is to click “Design Online” & use our easy & fun Promotional Lettering design area.
Step 4 – Using our Promotional Lettering Design Area
  • Choose from 20+ Promotional lettering Designs created for your chosen shape by our design team.
  • Click & change your chosen design adding your details & Logo if you have one.
  • Options of changing from Promotional Designs to Recruitment, Directional & more general messages.
  • The Videos below show how easy & fun our Promotional Lettering Design area is to use  & how easy it is to change your design until it is perfect.
Step 5 – When your Promotional Lettering is perfect 
  •  Add to basket – but only when it is perfect
  • Can’t quite get it perfect? Ask us to tweek your design. We are pleased to help

To create our eco-signs we use Bubble Print Board. It is an eco-friendly polypropylene sheet ideal for Signage with a toughness close to our aluminium sheet

The board is manufactured by a lamination process that brings together the core of the product which consists of bubble-shaped polypropylene and 2 solid surfaces of polypropylene to form a sheet.

The cell structure of the bubble allows the sheet to be manufactured at a lower weight than other polypropylene sheets but still retain a strength and rigidity which outperforms its natural competition.

The surface is matt white but we can print any background colour. It is corona treated to ensure maximum ink adhesion when printed and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Polypropylene sheet is 100% recyclable. Bubble Print Board also contains 25% reworked material from the factory waste output making it even more environmentally friendly.

Properties & advantages at a glance

  • 3mm – thick  & 100% recyclable
  • Contains up to 25% recycled content
  • Exceptional rigidity – does not have flutes, so no bending or creasing
    in high winds
  • Exceptionally lightweight – offering a cost-effective alternative to our Aluminium-faced material
  • Good impact resistance

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