Image Enhancement – our new skill

We are developing a range of skills in using AI to enhance Logos & Lettering in previously unavailable ways. With these new skills, we will ensure your uploaded files are suitable for the task ahead. Our most important skill for Logos & lettering is VECTORISING. We show below different before & after images to give you an idea of what we can now do.

Vectorization converts a raster image, ie a .jpg or .png file into a vector line by having a computer program “trace” the image and automatically create vector lines. Vector images can be enlarged to any size without pixelation. In addition, vinyl-cutting machines, routers or laser cutters can follow the vector line to cut shapes.

We have decided to make this a free service as it is a cost to us today that will help us create better signage for you for many years to come. Online you will find Vectorising offered for a cost of £15 to £45 per logo depending on complexity. If another non-competing supplier asks that you supply files of this quality then please ask them to get in touch.


For every 2 you order, we will automatically add an extra one to your shipment, ie Order 4 & we will add 2 extra, order 6 & get 9