Upload the highest quality artwork available. We will work with you to overcome any problems but if there is one thing we can’t do, it’s create a high quality print from a tiny .jpeg

  • Try to upload your artwork at the exact size and resolution you would like it to print.
    We recommend uploading your artwork at a minimum of 300dpi.
  • When saving your artwork to upload, make sure you save in as high quality as you can. TIFF files are generally best, but a high-resolution JPEG may be OK.
  • If it’s vector artwork, a print-ready PDF works wonders. For cut-to-shape items cutting machines need vector files to know where to cut.

If you are unsure how to do any of the above then click the chat button so we can assist.


For every 2 you order, we will automatically add an extra one to your shipment, ie Order 4 & we will add 2 extra, order 6 & get 9