Tips for Erecting a New Pole?

The video below shows how to do the job using Postmix concrete. This is available from your local Builders Merchant. In the video, a Post Hole Digger is being used. A hole dug by this piece of equipment creates a hole that is about 250mm wide without disturbing the soil around so needs less concrete […]

How to Fit to a Lamp-Post?

Fitting to extra-large poles requires extra-large clips. The solution is to use very large jubilee clips that can be tightened to fit the pole. The jubilee clip goes through slots on a fixing that slides into the back rails and then around the lamp-post. Tighten the jubilee clip with a screwdriver. 2 Rail Sliders & […]

How to Fit to Pole?

When you order your sign with the back rails option we rivet aluminium back rails to the rear of your sign with one rail at the top & one rail at the bottom. A clip is inserted into the rail & twisted to lock in position. The clip then goes around the pole & the […]


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