Can I use Artwork from a Previous Job?

Yes – Tell us what your previous job was & how long ago. eg Transit Van – 2 years ago. We can use this design on another transit, we can rescale to fit a Renault traffic or can take the details & create a design for you for a Business Card or a Site Board. […]

If my Artwork needs improving – Can you help?

The most common problem we encounter is low-resolution images. You may have a .jpg that is fine for printing a business card 80mm wide but will look poor quality at 800mm wide. We have several ways of solving this problem

Got any tips for uploading Artwork?

Upload the highest quality artwork available. We will work with you to overcome any problems but if there is one thing we can’t do, it’s create a high quality print from a tiny .jpeg If you are unsure how to do any of the above then click the chat button so we can assist.


For every 2 you order, we will automatically add an extra one to your shipment, ie Order 4 & we will add 2 extra, order 6 & get 9