How are Quick Signs Different?

When creating your Fascia & your Vehicle graphics you are looking for a unique design that you are going to be using for many years. Getting the result that you like is more important than how quickly you can design it. Some signs are about the message not the uniqueness of the design. Their most […]

Tips for Erecting a New Pole?

The video below shows how to do the job using Postmix concrete. This is available from your local Builders Merchant. In the video, a Post Hole Digger is being used. A hole dug by this piece of equipment creates a hole that is about 250mm wide without disturbing the soil around so needs less concrete […]

How to Fit to a Lamp-Post?

Fitting to extra-large poles requires extra-large clips. The solution is to use very large jubilee clips that can be tightened to fit the pole. The jubilee clip goes through slots on a fixing that slides into the back rails and then around the lamp-post. Tighten the jubilee clip with a screwdriver. 2 Rail Sliders & […]

How to Fit to Pole?

When you order your sign with the back rails option we rivet aluminium back rails to the rear of your sign with one rail at the top & one rail at the bottom. A clip is inserted into the rail & twisted to lock in position. The clip then goes around the pole & the […]

Can I see a design before I Buy?

Our “Let us Create for You” design service is based on you placing an order & us then creating a design that you like that we email you for approval before printing. If we cannot come up with a design that pleases you then we will arrange a full refund. We do offer a “Hire […]

Want a different Style to those on offer?

The style that you choose gives our designers an idea of what design you will find pleasing but if you want something different then tell us what you are looking for. Use the Chat button if you want to discuss what you need with us. We are pleased to assist.

Can I use Artwork from a Previous Job?

Yes – Tell us what your previous job was & how long ago. eg Transit Van – 2 years ago. We can use this design on another transit, we can rescale to fit a Renault traffic or can take the details & create a design for you for a Business Card or a Site Board. […]

If my Artwork needs improving – Can you help?

The most common problem we encounter is low-resolution images. You may have a .jpg that is fine for printing a business card 80mm wide but will look poor quality at 800mm wide. We have several ways of solving this problem

Got any tips for uploading Artwork?

Upload the highest quality artwork available. We will work with you to overcome any problems but if there is one thing we can’t do, it’s create a high quality print from a tiny .jpeg If you are unsure how to do any of the above then click the chat button so we can assist.

Air Escape Vinyl – Best way to fit?

Air escape vinyl makes fitting an easy & enjoyable job. Our best advise is to watch our fitting video below. We are fitting extra-large graphics to the side of a van. Notice how an extra pair of hands is very helpful. this is true even on smaller jobs.


For every 2 you order, we will automatically add an extra one to your shipment, ie Order 4 & we will add 2 extra, order 6 & get 9